Thank you!


The Salish Wind – Sunrise at Transfer Beach Park

Thank you! I want to take a moment to thank all of those who were ready to support my campaign for re-election as Mayor of Ladysmith. The dozens of folks who signed up to volunteer, place a sign in their yard or offered donations to my campaign. Your support for the work we have done and belief in our vision has been overwhelming.
As it was, I was acclaimed at the close of nominations on Sept. 14th., so there will be no election for Mayor. There will, however, be an election for council. There are a great group of 9 folks running for the 6 seats on council, and I will take the time over the campaign period to provide any information or insights I can to help support each of them.
As we have seen over the last few years, our community has maintained and grown it’s reputation as one of the best places to live and work, retire or raise a family. We are seeing an unprecedented level of investment in Ladysmith from senior government partners, as well as private sector business people, who believe in the vision of Ladysmith as one of the best small towns in BC, Canada and the world.
We have taken big steps on infrastructure with our award winning wastewater treatment system, water treatment plant under construction and reservoir upgrades coming at Holland Lake (to provide enough water storage for 20,000 people in the face of a changing climate and longer, drier summers). We have made strong partnerships in economic development that will continue to bring new job opportunities and tax diversity to drive our local economy and ensure long-term affordability for generations to come.
Over the next four years, we need to continue to drive a strong economy and ensure the long-term sustainability of Ladysmith. We need to take bold action on affordable housing, transportation and community safety to ensure that we not only maintain the quality of life we enjoy today, but to ensure that we make it even better for our children, grandchildren and the generations to come. I am absolutely committed to these goals.
I am excited to start working with our new council as we move forward, working together to ensure Ladysmith is the most diverse, dynamic, vibrant and successful place it can be.
Celebrate our present, embrace our future and honour our past. Always 100!